Guide to leasing

Core concepts


The company that wants to lease equipment at Beequip.


A container for a lease for a single piece of equipment. It includes contract details (tenor, downPayment et cetera) and equipment details (brand, year of build et cetera).


A container for a request to lease at Beequip. It contains client information, and one or more leases.


The machine / equipment to be leased.


The minimum and maximum value for a given field. For example, the purchasePrice must be at least € 15.000,- (excluding VAT).

Flow of a lease request

A common use case is calculating the lease price of a machine on your website. Let’s say you want a calculator where the visitor doesn’t have to calculate manually. The requests to accomplish this are:

  • Call the leaseBoundaries query to determine whether the machine can be leased, and hide the calculator accordingly.
  • Call the leaseSuggestions query to retrieve 1 or more suggested pricing plans and show them to the user.
  • Let the user select a suggested plan, and call the updateLease mutation to apply the suggestion to the lease.
  • Let the user enter their contact details, and call the requestDeal mutation.
  • You’re done, Beequip has received the deal and will start processing it.

Two queries are optional:

  • The query organizationSearch can be used to match up company names to their corresponding Chamber Of Commerce number. We require the latter, but most business owners don’t remember their CoC number, so you can make it easier for them and use organizationSearch to provide an autocomplete input field where they can type their company name.
  • The query categoryGroups can be used to retrieve names and ID’s of our categories and sub-categories. We require an object to have one of our categoryID’s, so you can use this query to map your own categories to ours.