Use the query categoryGroups to retrieve our available categories. A category is required to request a lease.


Use the query leaseBoundaries to fetch the boundaries of a possible calculation for the given machine. You can perform it as the first query to check whether the object can be leased. You can use the returned values if the machine falls within the accepted boundaries. You’ll receive a set of min/max values for downpayment, balloon payment, purchase price, and tenor. You can use these for example in your form’s labels to show to the user.


To perform a calculation, the Chamber of Commerce (“KVK”) number is required. You can ask your end user for that number, or use the query organizationSearch to build an autocomplete to find the Chamber Of Commerce using the company’s name.


Use the query leaseCalculation to retrieve a lease price calculation for the given machine. This query will return a deal object and a lease object. You will need both to call updateLease and requestDeal.


Instead of calculating manually, use the query leaseSuggestions to retrieve 1 or more ready-to-go pricing plans for the given machine. For example, this query can give a suggestion for a calculation that results in the lowest possible monthly payment.